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Heterogeneity is one of those concepts certainly used for sciences and statistics that relates to the in a human substance or like organism. It is like a thing or image that is homogeneous is in composition of topic or some kind of character the thing that is heterogeneous is accurately nonuniform among one of these qualities.

In chemistry, a Heterogeneity mix containing either or both of a multiple state of a particular matter or hydrophobic materials in one mixture; if we give an example of the matter would be a mixture of hydra or water, Gas that is Octane, and like a grease that is made of silicon. Heterogeneous objects those are solid, materials those are liquid, and natural gas may be created as homogeneous if we melt the whole thing, stirring it, or by letting the time goes by for a kind of diffusion to giving away the molecules in urology. If we give an example if we add a die age to water will form a heterogeneous solution at the very beginning, but as the time passes by to will become homogeneous. Entropy lets the heterogeneous substances to become homogeneous as the time passes by.

A heterogeneous mixture is a combination is a compound that consist of substance more than two. If we give an example if we mix sand with water, a volcanic rock, water and oil, mixing it well , and concrete that doesn’t seem to be a regular cement The mixture created that is not meant to be homogeneous when all the things are totally settled and completely equal, and the fluid, gas object that is a single color or just seems to be the same So many models have been proposed to stand up the structure or chemistry of the concentrations in some other phases. The chemistry to be considered are the reaction of it and its mass weight.

If we talk about the science of medicine and genetic engineering a heterogeneous condition that is genetic is one where the same diseases can be caused, by so many facts. In deep research of cancer, heterogeneity of cancer cell is thought to be one of the most important reasons that make the treatment of a cancer patient in Pittsburgh too critical.

In the matter about information technology, heterogeneous that stands for computing occurs in workstation network, potentially comes with various kinds of memory sizing, the power of math co processor and the basic of architecture. In the mathematical terms of Algebra, homogeneous polynomials have exactly the same factor numbers.

In the statistical view meta analysis the study of heterogeneity is when several study on an effect are basically measuring something t different effects because of the differences in subject of population, intervention, analysis choice, design those are experimental, It may be a cause of problem in attempt of summarize the actual meaning of the studies.

In geological terms Earth is a heterogeneous substance in so many ways. For example, Rock geology are heterogeneous, that generally occurs at the micro-scale and mini-scale.

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