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Impotence is the inability to achieve an erection; however a wider ground of definition would extend the definition to the inability to maintain an erection as well. Erectile dysfunction is seen as one of the eeriest situation for most men. In some sense it is a scary circumstance for an even larger class—the entire human species, as the sustenance of the species depend largely on the ability of Cincinnati men to perform sexual functions. And guess what, an estimated 12 million men in the United States are free from this condition. For those who are in the dark on the issue, you can check your status simply—check for nocturnal erections (erections while asleep). It can be induced by other diseases like that of the kidney, vascular bundles, unhealthy blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, and formidably diabetes, etc. In can also be caused by excessive consumption of alcohol and hard drugs (heroin, cocaine), and hormonal inbalance.

The good news is that the dynamic trends of medicine has made possible for the menace to be radically put under control. So well done that aside from the pharmaceutical drugs we buy, there are natural medications that have been discovered. Now a little study shows that the cause of impotence in males is basically the reduced levels of dehydroepiandrosterone popularly called DHEA. So an increase in this hormone in the body would consequently translate to solving impotence problem. Consider the solutions below:

1—Herbal Solutions
There are a number of traditional herbs that work really amazing for this purpose, and they include Tribulus, yohimbe, ginkgo biloba, amongst others. They have been in great use in the eastern parts of the world as well as in Europe. Like the Yohimbe herb gotten from the bark of a tree best found in west Africa. In 2002, German researhers found that the Yohimbe has effects of the condition of erectile dysfunction; further confirmation came when it was found that the herb caused to dilate thereby reducing blood pressure. One particularly unique herb is the Tribulus terrestris species; containing protodioscin (pdc), a substance that have been proven by studies to stimulate the increment of DHEA, which initiates a healthy sex drive. This ingredient is the active material in the herb and as such is to be watched out for. This is because, given the various brands of tribulus in sale, some have a reduced (below 52%) of the pdc, which is most important.

2—Vacuum Device
This traditional approach entails enclosing the penis in a cylindrical shaped container, a ring that is circular and slightly elastic, and a pump. The ring is used to band the base region of the male sex organ, then the pump is drawn. This exerts pressure on the penis as to cause a rapid surge of blood outward thereby causing an erection. The pump and cylinder are removed, while the ring is left so as to retain the erection until an intercourse is completed.

The natural medicines are verifiably effective and immediately reachable, an advantage which can hardly be emphasized over its relative low cost compared to the chemical drugs.

If however these remedies don’t work out, please seek local medical attention.

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