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Many men cringe and squirm when they hear the word “vasectomy”. Though this is a routine surgery that cuts the vas deferens, the tubes that carries a man’s sperm from his scrotum to testicles, the thought of losing capability of becoming a father gives them major chills. Since vasectomy is the ultimate solution to your contraceptive needs, one should not hesitate undergoing this procedure. Moreover, this permanent birth control process is safe, simple, effective and recommended family planning method for men.

Thus, if you are contemplating have a vasectomy in New York, you need to know everything about the treatment before deciding on having one. Here is a rundown on basic facts that will certainly help you get prepared thoroughly.

Types of Vasectomy

There are two types of vasectomy. The first is the incision method – where the tube is blocked using the cuts and stitches, and the second is non incision method – where surgery is performed without any cuts and stitches.

How is vasectomy done?

Incision method

Vasectomy is usually performed in the surgeon’s clinic using the local anaesthesia where you are fully awake but do not feel any pain. After your testicles and scrotum are shaved and cleaned with an antiseptic, your doctor will numb the area. In case you are tensed or worried they might even prescribe you intravenous (IV) medicine to reduce anxiety and make you feel sleepy. The next step is to make a small cut in the upper part of your scrotum using the scalpel. You doctor will then tie them off and cut apart the vas deferens. To heal the wound, stitches or skin glue is used so that it can close the cuts precisely. The entire process takes around twenty to thirty minutes.

Non-incision method

In this treatment, your surgeon will first find the vas deferens by feeling your scrotum. He will then numb the area so that you do not feel any pain. The next step is to use the small clamps that have pointed ends and poke them through the skin of the scrotum. Once the smaller hole is created, the tubes are tied off, cauterized or blocked.

There are several benefits of this method, such as less bleeding and pain, the tiny puncture heals quickly, no worrying about the bruising and ugly scars, consumes less time, reduces the chances of infection and other complications.

Side effects

Though major complications with vasectomy are rare, there are minor side effects that will fade away with time. They are: fever, blood or pus oozing from the site of the incision, prolonged pain, swelling, bruising or the discomfort in the testicles.

In case you find any other doubtful symptoms, consult your Rochester usrologist immediately. He will treat the problem before it is too late.


The decision to proceed with a vasectomy is very personal. Before undergoing the procedure, be absolutely sure about never wanting to father a child. Once certain, start searching for a highly educated, well- experienced and skilled surgeon in your area. Make sure he has thoroughly examined your condition before the surgery. In case he prescribes any medicines, take them without giving it a second thought. A proper mind set will increase the chance of success to a great extent.

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