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Nowadays, many numbers of the people are facing the problem in common that is kidney stones. Commonly, it is a urinary tract disorder and it can-form-in-your kidneys. It makes the normal substance in your urine becomes too concentrated. If this happens, then the solid material looks like a stone will stay-in-your-kidney or-may-move-down your urinary tract. This stone-like substance will eventually pass out-of-your-body. The-size-of-the stone like substance can vary from a grain of sand to a large ball. In most cases, the stones are made of calcium oxalate or uric acid because of a low-protein diet. However, it is a curable disease but will have the chance of reoccuring after the treatment. Once the Buffalo, NY patient has not changed the lifestyle like unhealthy diet, lack of hydration of the body, etc that will cause the disease again.

Common facts of the kidney stone:
1. A kidney stone is a hard and crystalline mineral material formed within the kidney or urinary tract.
2. The medical term of the kidney stone is Nephrolithiasis.
3. One in twenty people will develop urinary tract stone at some point in their life.
4. It eventually decreases the volume of urine thus will result in an excess of stone-forming substance in the urine.
5. The major risk factor for the kidney stone formation is the dehydration.

Causes for kidney stone:
There are many causes for the formation of stone in the kidney and urinary tract. Some of the causes listed below.
1. Lack of fluid intake
The first major cause is consuming fewer amounts of water and other liquids. Actually, your kidneys need enough water to dilute the urine. Insufficient absorption of water makes it difficult to the kidneys to dilute the urine that resulting in kidney stones.
2. Unhealthy diet
Consumption of foods contains too much calcium oxalate and uric acid that promote the formation of crystals in the urine.
3. Family history
If a person from your family already experiences this problem, then you may have a chance to get this problem.
4. Gender
Everyone can suffer kidney stones but man affected by this disease two times more than a woman.

Symptoms of urinary tract stone:
You can experience many symptoms if you have kidney stones but there are many common symptoms of this disease. If you experience one of the symptoms listed here with pain, then you have immediately consulted the doctor. Taking necessary steps in the early stage will prevent you from the future problems. You must seek the medical-help-if-you-have-pain-that-becomes so severe while you cannot stand, sit,-stand,-or-lie down immediately.

– Nausea
– Frequent vomiting
– Chills
– Fever
– Persistent urge to urinate
– Hematuria i.e. presence of blood in urine
– Dysuria i.e. burning on urination

Nowadays, there are many treatments available for curing this disease at very low cost. Doctors will provide you painless treatment so that you can able to do all the regular activities after the treatment. Only one thing you need to do after the treatment is a proper intake of healthy diet and liquid.

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