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The simplest of explanations to the questions of ‘what is kidney failure’ is that it is when the kidneys quit functioning. That is possibly over simplistic, though, and in general, a more detailed answer is warranted. To understand the process of kidney failure, as it is typically more than an immediate and absolute turning off, first consider this information about what the kidneys are.

In most healthy humans the kidneys are two relatively small to medium sized organs. They are located toward the back of the body with one to the right and on to the left of the spine. They are essential organs within the body regarding life. There are three significant factors regarding the kidneys if one is to understand more completely what kidney failure is.

The first of these factors is that blood flows into the kidneys. This occurs via the “renal” (Latin for kidneys) arteries. This is essential, because not only do kidneys need blood for nutrition as other organs do, but the kidney’s function is actually to regulate the levels of substances within the blood, thereby ensuring that the other organs receive what they need and not what they do not need. So, this then is the second factor. The kidneys remove excess fluids, remove waste, balance electrolytes, and stimulate the production of red blood cells among other things. These are what occur within the kidneys. Lastly, the blood exits the kidneys via the renal veins. Likewise, waste is excreted through the ureter. So, that is the flow and function regarding the kidneys.

So, ‘what is kidney failure’? It is when the kidneys quit functioning. It may also be instances of reduced function. It is also typically divided into three forms: pre, renal, and post. These refer to at what point the causing problem became a factor. In these cases that are caused by a problem that prevents sufficient amounts of blood from entering the kidneys, the term pre-renal may be used. This implies that the problem is before the kidneys regarding the flow of blood. In the same sense, when kidney function is reduced or completely halted by a problem with the kidneys, the failure is termed renal. Lastly if it is caused by a problem affecting the outflow of blood or urine the term post-renal is may be useful to contact a local Jersey City doctor or urologist.

These are the three varieties of kidney failure. The answer to the question, “What is kidney failure?”, Is different in some cases regarding specific aspects of the condition. In each case, though, it is a serious condition that should receive immediate attention. In cases where the cause is not adequately addressed the kidney issues may worsen.

Acute renal failure refers to an instance when the failure is sudden and complete. This condition can result from unchecked causes over time or from sudden problems when they occur.

Kidney failure can result in death if the condition is allowed to progress untreated. In some cases, treatment can delay worsening of the condition. Some treatments may be able to restore the health of the sufferer either temporarily or long-term in some cases. Therefore, one should always immediately seek for medical after your realize any sign of kidney failure.

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