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Oncology largely refers to the medical practice that focuses on the treatment of cancer. It is essential to know about different oncology facts because there are different types of cancers that can attack the body of humans. In fact, it is basically a mass or bulk or tumor that is initially inactive and small, and in time, it grows in size. It is a branch of medicine that studies cancer, and the medical professional that deals with this branch of study is referred to as an oncologist.

In recent days, it has become very important to know about different facts on oncology because the numbers of cancer cases have increased. In fact, in a recent survey, it has been found that the mortality rate in cancer cases are quite high, and irrespective of the progression of medical science, no medicines have yet been discovered that can be used for the treatment of cancer, especially at the advanced stages. Oncology mainly refers to the diagnosis of the condition and the stage of cancer.

In addition to that, if you acquire information on oncology, you will also find that following the diagnosis of cancer and its stages, several therapies are also given which are very much a part of oncology. Any part of the human body can be affected by cancer, and if it is detected at an early stage, the mass of tumor can also be shredded off to prevent the enlargement of the cancer cells. However, this is a very rare case, because it is largely believed that even after shredding off the mass of the tumor, the cells continue to expand and spread to other parts of the body.

Some of the other facts that are important to know are that this is a branch of medicine that not only detects the stage of cancer but at the same time, also gives proper care to the patients with terminal malignancies. Screening efforts are also done throughout the process, and they are often referred to specialists in different cases.

There are some important oncology facts that are related to the proper care of patients. In fact, cancer patients require regular monitoring and care, and there should be specially appointed nurses that can cater to the health requirement of the patients. Though in most cases, with time, the condition of cancer patients begins deteriorating, yet constant care with medicines and therapies should not be stopped. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can give temporary relief to the condition of the cancer patient and enhance the duration of their lives. Integrative care is a method of treatment that considers the patients at the core and addresses the full range of physical, social, emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental influences, which affect a person’s health. Integrative care employs a personalized strategy, which considers the patient’s unique conditions, needs, and circumstances. Also, it engages the most appropriate interventions from a wide range of scientific disciplines in order to heal illness and disease and help patients regain and maintain optimum health.

As compared to conventional methods of treatment, integrative care provides a lot better results. Be it a cardiac care or oncology care service, integrative care offers tremendous results. oncology services for patients are the application of the philosophy and science behind naturopathic medicine pertinent to the field of cancer research and treatment. The integrative care that combines conventional and natural principles so as to offer the best possible outcomes for cancer patients is a cornerstone of oncology.

Oncology services for patients under an experienced professional offer many benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:
*It reduces the symptoms that are caused by radiation therapy and chemotherapy, which maximizes the chances to cut conventional treatment short. Many times, the treatment with chemotherapy or radiotherapy has to be cut short due to adverse effects. So, in a way, naturopathic oncology service helps patients get the full treatment.
*It supports the innate ability of immune system to identify and regulate abnormal cellular growth, which is the hallmark of cancer development and progression.
*It also supports rapid recovery from invasive treatments or diagnostic testing.
*It supports detoxification after radiation therapy or chemotherapy.
*It offers ongoing support for medical and emotional needs

Considering these benefits, it is good to find a reliable naturopathic oncology service for better and quicker recovery in cancer. The good thing about naturopathic oncology care is that you don’t have to worry about any side effect as this care is completely safe for long term. So, now, what are waiting for? Get integrative oncology care and accelerate the recovery. Furthermore, there won’t be any side effect