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Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that grows in a man’s prostate glands. No one ever wants to hear the word cancer but it is very important to tackle it just like a common topic because very many people are suffering from cancer and in men, the most common type of cancer that affects them is the prostate cancer. Surgery is a common solution to prostate cancer victims but this can only be done when cancer has not spread outside the prostate glands. There are several types of prostate surgery but the most common surgery in Lousiana is called radical prostatectomy. This entails removal of some tissues around the prostate gland and the whole entire prostate gland. The surgery can be done in more than one way as follows:
Radical Perineal Prostatectomy: This operation entails the surgeon making an incision in the skin between the scrotum and the anus. This operation may also cause erectile problems and also the lymph nodes cannot be removed so it is only used to victims who are not concerned about the erections. If done correctly, it can be curative. It takes a shorter time and it is less painful. You will be inserted with a catheter after the surgery for smooth urination then after around 2 weeks, it will be removed and u can now urinate normally. This surgery can be approached in a laparoscopic method but must be done by a surgeon with a lot of experience.
*Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy: Special long instruments are inserted through small several incisions. One of these instruments has a camera to enable the doctor to see inside the abdomen. Its advantages are that it has minimal blood loss, faster recovery period and it is less painful too. Side effects are difficulties in holding urine and erection problems.
* Robotic-assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy: Surgery is done by a robot but the doctor sits at the control panel broom inside the operation room and moves the robot arms to conduct the operation. This method has several advantages over the open surgery in terms of less recovery period, less pain and less loss of blood.You will be inserted with a catheter after the operation to help you pass urine but after around 2 weeks, you will be able to pass urine on your own
Radical Petropubic Prostatectomy: This surgery starts with the surgeon giving you either epidural, general or spinal anesthesia. The doctor then makes a small incision from your belly button downwards towards the pubic bone.The surrounding lymph nodes may be infected with cancer, the operation will not continue because it will unlikely not get you cured. Some of the lymph nodes are removed and taken to the lab for testing. If it shows that they have not been infected, the surgery continues.
Prostate Surgery Risks- Infections at the operating site*Blood clot in the lungs or legs*Excessive bleeding*Damage to nearby organs*Bad reactions to anesthesia There are also side effects of any prostate cancer surgery which are:*Erectile dysfunction*Urinary incontinence*Orgasm change*Fertility loss*Penis change in length, you may need to have a checkup in Baton Rouge.
Free Advice- It is appealed to all men between the age of 15-45 to always go for a prostate cancer check up at least once a year in a urology center. This will help you in knowing how well your prostate is and if there is any early detection of cancer, it is always very easy and fast to treat before it spreads to the other parts. This will save you a great deal of finances, surgeries, and most important you will be very healthy.

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