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Our doctors work in what is commonly classified as a surgical specialty. Professionals in this specific field require prior knowledge from the field of gynecology and internal medicine to carry out their duties efficiently. This is because of the wider range of problems that they deal with in carrying out their work. This conglomerates seven sub-specialties;


· Calculi: this broadly refers to the regulation of stones that are formed in the interior of the kidneys.

· Female: this refers to relaxing of the pelvic outlet disorder and preventing involuntary urine leakage.

· Male infertility: this refers to primary surgery to remove congenital problems present in male genitals.

· Neurorology: it deal with impotence and erectile dysfunction.

· Pediatric urology: this is the treatment of urology problems that are found in kids and are complicated to be handled by pediatricians or urologists who are not specialized.

· Renal transplantation: it is the transplant of kidney as a result of kidney failure.

· Urological encology: this is the medical treatment of cancers in the reproductive system such as prostate cancer and bladder cancer.


This specialty has become dynamic due to rapid changes in technological advancement. These procedures have been highly improved as a result of the use of surgical microscope and refinement of the endoscopic procedures. Chemotherapy and laparoscopic surgery are greatly changing how treatment is offered. The laser therapy is anticipated to be the most crucial part of the coming urological practice.


For one to become a well equipped urologist, he or she should graduate from an accredited medical institution and should complete a urology program that takes a minimum of five years. The common conditions that require treatments include bladder prolapsed, cancer, enlarged prostate, erectile dysfunction, incontinence, infertility, interstitial cystitis, kidney and urethral stones, peyronie disease, prostatitis, undescended testes, urethral stricture and urinary tract infection.


The most common procedures that are done are; circumcision, cystectomy, cystoscopy, excision and biopsies, kidney transplantation, nephrectomy, penile prosthesis, prostate surgery, stress incontinence surgery, testicular surgery, transurethral bladder tumor resection, stones treatment , urethra dilation and vasectomy. Patients should see the doctor in case of any problem that affects their internal system.


Some of the most advanced urological procedures are done is Jacksonville, Florida. Here, they apply the latest innovations in urological care. This great city has dedicated professionals that offer high medical training. They have many years of experience in this field and this facilitates safe surgical operations. Jacksonville urologists are ready and willing to work with any patient and treat him or her according to his or her unique circumstance. They approach every problem with full sensitivity and discretion because they realize that urology problems are followed by social discomfort.


Jacksonville urologist specializes in medical and surgical treatments such as medication therapy, surgery and reduced invasive procedures which are carried out in a patient-friendly way. Their clinical services include prostate disorders, urological cancer, male reproductive issues, vasectomy, bladder disorders, incontinence disorders, urinary infection, plus many other urological disorders. They attract patients from various parts of the United States. This is because of the excellent medical services that they provide.