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The common cause of erectile dysfunction is often rooted in psychological issues. It is important to know that not all erection problems are psychological in nature. There are those caused by underlying medical and physical conditions such as blood vessel disease, diabetes, pelvic surgery, and any injury to the genitals, pelvis or the spinal cord. In such cases, penile implants, otherwise known as penile prosthesis are used to correct erectile dysfunction. It is important to note that these implants change tissue in the penis permanently. Therefore it cannot be used by men whose erection issues are psychological.

There are two types of the penile prosthesis; the noninflatable or semirigid and inflatable. The penis has spongy tissues known as corpora cavernosum that contain most blood during an erection. Inflatable implants replace these tissues in a surgical procedure. The inflatable implant has a tube, a pump, and a saltwater reservoir. The salt water reservoir is placed in the tube. During the medical procedure, the tube with the reservoir is positioned at the base of the penis, while the pump and the valve are placed in the scrotum. To form an erection, the salt water is pumped out of its reservoir into the tube. This type of implant can contract and expand without losing its elasticity. A man can form an erection anytime he wishes by pressing the pump in the scrotum to inflate the implant. To deflate the penis, the user needs to press the valve at the bottom of the pump.

The semirigid implant is firm and can be bent. To initiate sex, the penis needs to be lifted and placed in an erect position.The advantages of the semirigid implant are that it is concealed in the body and is easy to use. It needs to be bent up for an erection and bend down when not being used. The downside of it is that a permanent erection can be uncomfortable to some men in Arizona.

The inflatable prosthesis is hardly noticeable and is easy to use. There are users of this implant who say that their partners don’t realize the implant in the penis. It, therefore, feels more natural. Though it does not affect the sensation in the skin of the penis, it causes deterioration of the flesh in the penis over a long term.

When to seek medical attention

These implants have their side effects. Infection may occur at the site of the implant especially to people who have diabetes, urinary tract infections or injuries at the spinal cord. One of the symptom to look out for is severe pain. In such a situation, the implant should be removed. Therefore see your Hialeah doctor right away. Sometimes the prosthesis may be positioned incorrectly. It may break while inside the tissues of the penis. It may also break through the skin. It may also defect and not work. In cases mentioned above, seek medical attention from a Urologist.

Prosthesis has saved sex lives in many marriages. Anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction should seek medical advice first before self-medicating, to determine whether the cause is physical or psychological. The importance of this is to get the right treatment.

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