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Whenever the thing comes in our mind when we think about health is the medical topic. We use to do so many things all around the day not thinking about our health. There is a rumor that diseases like High blood sugar, cholesterol, high blood pressure insomnia that is lack of sleep migraine all that happens only when we grow old. In fact, that is not true. These diseases can occur at any stage of time.

Perhaps you have a family history of these kind of diseases like your mom or dad has these kinds of diseases before or your uncle or your granny have some sort of diseases then in most cases there is chance for you to get those diseases.

Even it is all about your daily diet that you use to eat a lot of spicy food or high fat then there is a strong possibility of get high cholesterol, high blood pleasure even a chance of cardiac arrest. In some cases, if you are found of sweets then after a certain age you may catch high blood sugar. Although it can happen at an early age of life. In some cases, doctors, have found that if a pregnant woman who does have diabetics or high blood sugar by her the fetus in her womb can catch the same diseases. No matter how old you are it can happen.

Blood pressure can rise if you have high per tension or when you are in mental pressure. There is a big chance of heart attack if you are a smoker even there’s a chance of stroke if smoke a lot. Even the people around the smoker will be the passive smoker no matter how old is he. even if you have a lack of sleep then you may catch high per tension that can lid it to high blood pressure and migraine. We lead our life assuming whatever diseases we catch it doesn’t matter in our life.

This is a completely wrong conception. We don’t know when we will catch diseases and when we will die, it is better to have some initiative to prevent these kinds of diseases. There’s a say “Prevention is better than cure”. Like if you are a big eater than get a grip or control on your food. Try to avoid spicy oily and that food contains high fat or cholesterol. It is better to get a complete health checkup for all no meter how old you are. Like checking your cholesterol. checking blood pressure measuring you blood sugar. Most of the cases happen around 40 years of age. Although you may catch these illnesses at early stage of your life.

One should check up their health status referred by a doctor several times in a year like lithotripsy You might not have any problems but it is better to have precautions before everything goes wrong. If you are a smoker than quit your smoking cause the victim is not only you, people around you whether he is old or young will be the passive smoker and get the same damage as you are.

To get an illness free life you should maintaining couple of things like avoid oily foods and eat lot of vegetable. Drink at least 8 glasses of water. Do some physical exercises like jogging or walking for around 2 hours a day? Quitting smoking will be a very good thing. Consulting a doctor or physician who can refer for clinical tests or finding that what is the condition of your health. All we need is health consciousness that’s all.

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