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The testicles are some of the most important organs of the male reproductive system. Contained in the scrotum, they are the glands where sperms and the testosterone hormone are produced. This makes them very important in the sexual health of a man. That is why no man would take even the slightest problem in the testes lightly. Whenever there are developmental defects, infections, trauma or cancer of these glands, surgery is normally the best way to go.

Testicular surgery:

This is the surgical operation that is done to correct defects in the testicles. It comes in different forms, including orchiectomy and Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection (RPLND), among others. Orchiectomy is the removal of a testicle. It is normally a very straightforward procedure which is done when the testicle in question has cancer cells.

Sometimes, a man may have undescended testes. These are the testes that have not dropped to their right position in the scrotum. This may happen when the testes do not take the right path to the scrotum during fetal development, or they took the right path but failed to reach the scrotum due to other reasons. Testes must be contained in the scrotum for proper functioning and maturation, hence the need to perform a surgical operation to position these glands correctly at the scrotum. Such a procedure is called orchiopexy, and it is normally done between the age of one and two years.

Another common problem in the testes is testicular torsion. This occurs when the testes rotate in the scrotum, wrapping themselves with the blood vessels. These blood vessels vaso-constrict, making it hard for them to perform their normal functions of supplying the testes with blood and nutrients. Here, if the testes have not been receiving blood and nutrients for quite a long time, they may have to be removed, as they may be beyond repair. However, if they are still in proper working conditions, they may be attached to a tissue to prevent them from further rotation. This condition is common to young boys.

Surgery of the testicles may also be done after a traumatic injury. This may include penetration by gunshots of sharp objects like a knife. Motorcycle or automobile accidents may also cause dislocation of the testes, warranting a surgical operation.

Success rate:

Testicular surgeries in California normally have a very high success rate as long as a proficient San Bernardino surgeon does them. However, whenever a surgical operation is being done on the testes, great care must be taken to avoid damaging the nerves or blood vessels supplying the testes with blood and other substances.
Side effects Given the high success rate, you don’t expect many adverse side effects of testicular surgery. A victim only experiences slight discomfort during the operation and a little pain afterward, which is expected. After that, the healing process is comfortable and painless. Indeed, some victims are seen playing in the field after just two days of the procedure.

All said and done, do not let testicular complications interfere with your sexual health. Just get in touch with a qualified testicular surgeon and let him or her handle your problems professionally.

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