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Kidneys are two bean-shaped organs with various important biological rules. The kidneys are located at the back of the abdomen. The main functions of kidneys are the balance of the body fluids by filtering the blood, production of the hormone erythropoietin, etc. The kidneys have two parts- the outer region namely cortex, inner region namely renal pelvis. Both parts have separate functions.

Cancer develops in these two parts of the kidney is called kidney cancer. Unlike any cancer, the tumors of the kidney cancer are also divided as benign and malignant cancer. The benign tumors are not life threatening as it has no invasion and spreading power to other parts of the body. But the malignant tumor has invasion power, and it spreads to other parts of the body. So when the cells develop abnormally in the cortex and renal pelvis of the kidneys is called kidney cancer.

Kidney cancer is the most common urology problem that has surfaced the lives of many people. Thanks to the advancements made in the medical field that now with the help of cross-sectional imaging, the doctors have been successfully able to diagnose the diseases at early stages and hence can cure them fully.

Cancer in your kidneys starts developing when there is abnormal growth of cells in the lining of small tubes in kidneys. This multiplication of cells forms tumor which is dangerous for the person. This tumor if not removed at the right time can be life-threatening. Therefore, as soon as the person experiences some abnormal symptoms, he should immediately contact his doctor for consultation. The surgeon who diagnoses your cancer does some tests like ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, etc. to check the severity of the tumor and based on these results he will decide as to how much kidney tissue he has to remove.

Robotic partial nephrectomy is a minimally invasive technique in which very small incisions are made to remove the tumor from your kidney. It is a very safe and practical procedure in which only the cancerous tumor is removed, and the remaining healthy kidney is protected as it is. Even in the complex cases where the tumor is difficult to remove, robotic partial nephrectomy works wonders here and eliminates the tumor without the need for the large incision.

The best part is the surrounding tissue in the kidney is not removed by a city Oakland which is beneficial for the patient in the long run. Partial nephrectomy can be performed by three methods: traditional open surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and robotic partial nephrectomy. All the three methods have almost same outcomes, but robotic partial nephrectomy has an added advantage over the other two surgeries. There are reduced tissue trauma, less pain & bleeding and faster recovery in robotic partial nephrectomy. There is even less risk of infection and minimal scarring in patients who opt for this surgery.

A person having a kidney tumor removal typically requires a 5 to 7-day hospital stay. The healing time depends partially on the individual’s age, the kind of surgery made other health problems and any complications.

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