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Prostatitis is medically defined as the swelling of prostate gland. Medical experts recognize two main kinds of prostatitis- acute and chronic, the former having more severe symptoms while the latter lasting for a longer time. Although, this condition is usually associated with infection of the prostate a large number of cases are just due to inflammation.

Prostatitis accounts for two million visits to the health care providers in the United States alone. People who are more likely to develop the condition are the ones with nerve damage in their lower urinary tract region. Psychological stress may also contribute in causing this. The majority of prostate related conditions are observed in older men, However, prostatitis stands as an exception posing equal threat to men of all ages. According to statistics, the risk faced by an adult aged 19 is the same as someone aged 65.

The symptoms of prostatitis are pain in pelvis, lower back or the buttocks. A frequent need to urinate, also pain felt while doing so suggest the presence of this condition. Although the symptoms develop and end gradually, exceptions have been reported where sudden onset of the symptoms were observed. Apart from the above mentioned symptoms tiredness, aching joints and fever may also be experienced by the person suffering.

As is the case with any medical condition, quicker the doctor is approached the faster the treatment commences thereby reducing the suffering of the patient. In this case too, upon observing the symptoms it is best to approach a Anaheim medical practitioner for confirmation and to decide the next course of action. The formal examination to determine the existence of the condition include rectal examination and urine test. However, any prostatitis patient should be relieved to know that no link has been found between this condition and prostate cancer.

This condition is usually treated by controlling the symptoms. Pain which is often experienced by the patient is alleviated using painkillers such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen. A medication known as alpha-blocker (such as Tamulosin) may also be prescribed if problems related to urination are faced. Alpha-blocker help by relieving the muscles in the prostate gland and in the base of the bladder. Antibiotics may also be prescribed in the case of an infection. However, even without an infection they may be prescribed to check if the condition improves. In case the symptoms are very severe doctors may recommend painkillers such as amitriptyline. Researchers have found that eating, diet, and nutrition does not play a role in causing or preventing prostatitis. During the treatment of prostatitis caused by bacterial infection, urologists recommend increasing consumption of liquids and avoiding substances that cause irritatation to the bladder. Men should discuss with the health care provider about their diet.

The treatment of chronic prostatitis is challenging. This is due to the fact that very less is known about its cause. Most men gradually recover with treatment where the recovery phase can be anything form several months or years. Acute prostatitis patients make a recovery in a few weeks, although one in ten people go on develop chronic prostatitis at some point or the the other in their life. Such men whose symptoms relapse later on in their life require further treatment.

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