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Stress Incontinence is a medical term used to describe a condition which causes involuntary trickling out of urine. This unpremeditated leak of urine is attributed to the inadequacy of the pelvic floor to hold up the urethra in it’s position and stop it from moving downwards, which in turn permits urine to pass out in such a manner. As a result, most physical activities such as coughing and sneezing which exert pressure on abdominal muscles would render one susceptible to such unintentional leaks.

The condition is more prevalent among women than in men in Birmingham. Women primarily face this risk due to pregnancies and childbirths which can weaken their pelvic floors. Other major causes of stress incontinence include lifting heavy loads, menopause and vigorous sports activities. The condition most notably occurs in men as an aftermath of surgery complications. While not necessarily life threatening, the incontinence may have some adverse effects. For instance, if someone were to experience the involuntary discharge of urine in a public setting, it would truly be embarrassing and discomforting to them. Furthermore, if the incontinence is frequent, the implication is that the skin comes into regular contact with urine, a situation which may cause the skin to develop irritation.

Although there are some traditional remedies to the treatment of this condition such as exercising the pelvic muscle, the best treatment is stress incontinence surgery conducted by a urologist. This is because surgery instantly and permanently stops the incontinence. There are many different approaches to an Alabama surgery, thus one’s preference for a given method should be guided by an in-depth discussion of the involved risks and benefits of each method before drawing a conclusion.

One of the methods of Stress Incontinence Surgery is Tape procedures. This includes slotting in of a plastic tape which is conveniently placed inside the vagina in such a position that enables it to effectively support the urethra, which consequently helps in regulating the amounts of urine passed out involuntarily. This method has proved effective as reported cases indicate that in some women it completely stopped the passing out of unintended urine.

Another method that is commonly adopted by most people is referred to as Colposuspension. This process involves slitting open of the lower abdomen and lifting the bladder to an elevated position. After this elevation, the bladder is stitched in such a way that it normalizes the functioning of the pelvic floor and enables it to effectively regulate the accidental passing out of urine.

The third method of surgery is sling procedure. A sling procedure typically involves inserting a sling, which is made up of tissues retrieved from another body part, into the abdomen area and manipulating it to hold up the bladder and give it firm support. This in turn helps to control the activities of the pelvic floor which is relieved off the pressure exerted upon it by the urethra. This consequently leads to controlling urine discharges.

Thus those who suffer from this condition should therefore embrace surgery over conventional approaches as it is more effective.

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